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Hugo Baraúna
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Hi Elixir Radar subscriber! 👋

As you may already know, my name is Hugo and I'm the person behind Elixir Radar.

Thank you for taking the time to check this page. I'm happy you're here! 😃

Let me tell you what this is about.


I believe work in the open-source world should be sustainable.

This "Elixir Radar Individual Sponsorship" thing is one way to help to make Elixir Radar financially sustainable.

If you like Elixir Radar, think it's helpful for the community, and can afford to support it, it would mean A WHOLE LOT to me if you subscribe to one of the sponsorship tiers.

The road to making Elixir Radar financially sustainable

I've been part of the open-source world for more than a decade. Besides being a software engineer, I'm also an entrepreneur. I co-founded Plataformatec, the company where Elixir was born.

One thing always intrigued me: "how to make work in the open-source world sustainable?"

As open source community members, we benefit a lot from the work of our peers. Those people are creating and maintaining libraries, writing blog posts, producing podcasts, recording videos, producing newsletters... and all of that is usually FREE! This is AWESOME, right?!

Indeed. It's beautiful that we can consume so much good stuff for free!

But, one thing that it's not so good is that sometimes free work is not sustainable.

I mean, these people giving their work for free are doing that because they like to share, they love their work, and maybe they just want to feel they belong (all we humans want to feel we belong).

Still, feeling good sometimes is not enough to help with financial sustainability.

So, what if you could help with the sustainability of a project you like and think is important for the community?

My goal with this "Individual Sponsorship" thing is to explore whether Elixir Radar can be financially sustainable while keeping it free for the community.

I enjoy working on Elixir Radar. Every week I curate content from hundreds of sources and share the results with the newsletter's subscribers.

Besides the content curation, there is also the work of connecting companies and developers looking for Elixir jobs through the newsletter's job listings and the Elixir Radar job board.

All that work gives me this feeling that I'm contributing, that I belong.

How wonderful would it be if besides loving to work on it, it could help me make a living?

If you can help me with this journey to make Elixir Radar and my work on it to be financially sustainable, it would mean A LOT to me. You can do that by picking one of the sponsorship tiers.

If you have questions or want to chat, send me an email to hugo@elixir-radar.com

Thank you!

What Elixir Radars subscribers are saying about it

Thousands of developers like you read Elixir Radar every single week. Here are some of the email replies I've been receiving from them:

Some think it's helpful for the community

> I am an Elixir newbie and your newsletter is quite helpful for me so far. I would like to personally thank you for your effort to contribute to the Elixir community. -- Volkan Oransoy


> Just wanted to say that I always look forward to these newsletters 😊 Thanks for making the Elixir community better!  -- Sean Clayton

Some think it's valuable for him/her

> Thank you very much for your initiative. It helps me a lot to be up to date with the latest news from Elixir world. -- Mike Andrianov


> I admire and appreciate your work a lot. Your newsletter is my primary source when I try to stay up to date with the Elixir-world. -- Andreas Altendorfer


> Your newsletter is a refreshing read and a useful resource amongst the glut of newsletters and other such messages cluttering my email inbox. -- Sam Toms

Some just wanted to show some appreciation for the work behind it :)

> I just want to say thank you for all the effort you put into this. I look forward to and appreciate it every week. -- Aaron Graham


> Just wanted to say I love your emails and keep up the good work! -- Eumir Gaspar


> Nice change! Gives me the reminder to say thanks for all your hard work for so many consecutive weeks 😄  -- Nizar Venturini


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